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  • Routers, network switches, Ethernet cables, patch panels other WiFi adapters & equipment.
  • Battery backups, UPSes, replacement batteries, remote power control, surge protectors.
  • Power supplies (for routers, laptops, cell phones, any other low voltage type), laptop batteries, etc.
  • Flash drives, SD/Micro SD cards, hard drives, solid state drives, USB / backup drives.
  • AVG & Avast Anti–Virus software, Carbonite backup software, Backup4All local backup software.
  • Hobbyist Equipment – Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, NeoPixel, stepper motor, temperature sensors.
  • Computers & laptops, upgrades & repairs, virus/malware removal, software installation, training.
  • Wiring installations for home & business networks and telephone systems – also testing and repairs.
  • VOIP phone service – cut your phone bill by 80% and use the same phone number at multiple locations! (Main home & vacation home, home & office, multiple offices, home & office & 2nd number on your cell!)
  • Vintage computer equipment – DEC PDP8, PDP11, parts, technical support, PiDP8, PiDP11
  • LCD/LED Monitors, wall mounting brackets, replacement screens for laptops, TV repairs.
  • Video display cables; VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display Port, video over CAT5/6, ChromeCast, FireStick, Internet TV.
  • Toner & ink cartridges, printer repairs, print servers, network adapters, port/device servers, USB cables.
  • Recycling services (including drive erase/data destruction) for computers, laptops, LED/LCD monitors & TVs.
  • Data recovery from failed computers & disk/flash drives.
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